Friday, February 5, 2010

♥ : World's Smallest Girl from India

World's Smallest Girl from India

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Jyoti is taken to school on brother Satish's motorbike, along with sister Archana.'First I could walk, but I slipped on ice during a holiday and hurt my leg. I find it strange that my legs just don't heal. I don't like it, it causes me pain.'Mrs Amge said: 'No-one knows why she is so small. Jyoti is small, yet cute, and we love her very much.'People in the region of India where the family live flock to see the teenager and some even treat her as a goddess..She receives a lot of support from her brother and two sisters. Oldest sister Archana, 25, said: 'I have been taking care of her since she was a small baby. She is so delicate and fragile.'During her first five years of life, brave Jyoti was in and out of hospital as she constantly fell sick, but eventually she grew stronger.The teenager's father Kishan Amge, 52, a construction worker, said: 'She makes me proud.Jyoti is to be featured in Channel 4's Bodyshock series, which goes out 2day

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