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Tropical Fruit Collection

The collection has many of the more 'common' tropical fruits including mangoes, star fruit, papayas, passionfruit, pineapple, banana, guava, lychee, longan, rambutan and dozen citrus including grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, lime and crosses therein. Below are some tropical fruits you may not be familiar with  

Many types of starfruit (carambola) grow at Tiskita, including these sweet (right) and acid (left) varieties.

Noni is a fruit believed to aid with rhematisim and boosting the immune system. At Tiskita there are many noni plants and guests may try this medicinal fruit, if they can get past the awful smell.

Mamey sapote has a very rich flesh that is delicious when made into a milkshake.

Mangosteen is know as the 'Queen of Fruit', and perhaps the best tasting fruit in the world. The white segments inside are a combination of sweet and sour flavours.

Lansium is a unique fruit with a transparent flesh similar in appearence to a lychee and a citrus-lke taste that cannot be described, but must be tasted!

Imbe is a fleshy relative of the mangosteen and very tart. A delicious imbe jam is often served with breakfast.

Guanabana (aka soursop) is an excellent fruit that makes a delicious juice and ice cream. Every visitor to Costa Rica should try this flavour.

Durian is known as 'The King of Fruits' and is extremely popular in Asia. If you can get past the foul smell of this fruit, the pulp around the seeds is much better tasting than smelling.

Copoazu comes from Brazil and is a relative of cacao (the source of chocolate). The pulp surrounding these seeds can be eaten straight or used to make a delicious juice.

Cas is a fruit native to Costa Rica. It is related to guava and makes an excellent juice served often at meals.

Canistel is also known as the 'egg fruit' as it has a very rich pulp and looks like a yolk. This fruit, like the sapote, is also best when made into a milkshake.


Breadfruit is a starchy fruit that is prepared in a similar fashion as potatoes. Breadfruit chips are sometimes served at meals.

Cashew fruits are abundant in Tiskita. Each fruit produces only one seed which is outside the fruit.




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